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DK Automation LLC exists to provide 100% done for you Amazon services. Our expert team is honored to help build and scale our client’s Amazon businesses. Right from picking up winning products to sell, negotiating with known brands, ordering inventory, and shipping, all the way to growing and scaling the Amazon business, we’re here for you.

Who Is Kevin David?

Meet the Man Who Started It

Let’s hear from Kevin David himself how and why he launched DK Automation LLC…
A few years back I was living an ordinary life, recently graduated from Oregon State Honors College and had started my career working for an accounting firm in Portland, OR.
Like everyone else, I dreamed of working for a big tech firm and eventually landed a prestigious position at Facebook, beating out almost 500 other candidates. Working at Facebook with all the extravagant perks, was like a dream come true.
Or so I thought...
In no time, the situation made me realize I didn’t want to settle for the constant grind where my salary and title determined my worth. I didn’t want to work for anyone else but me. This realization set me off on a quest to find something that could give me the Time and Financial Freedom that I wanted. One Friday night while working late, I stumbled across Amazon FBA and the rest is history. One month later, I launched my first Amazon product, and years later created a successful online empire. It’s now become my mission to teach others how to find their own success through Amazon FBA.

Who Is Kevin David?

Meet the Man Who Started It

Kevin David, CEO Of DK Automation

How DK Automation LLC Started?

A Small Story About Big Dreams

Kevin David and his team have years of experience trying different strategies from optimizing product listings, adding relevant keywords, and adopting best SEO practices, to build multiple Amazon stores and scale it to huge success.
After gaining his own success from his eCommerce business, Kevin wanted to help others do the same. He started by helping close friends and relatives sell products on Amazon by closely managing their stores.
To open up this same opportunity to others, Kevin and his expert team spent countless hours figuring out how to reliably duplicate this system and launched DK Automation LLC to help anyone looking to automate their eCommerce business.
We have a team of experienced professionals who are determined to help all the aspiring entrepreneurs to build their own successful eCommerce businesses.
The service provides Amazon store management, picking the right products, negotiating with known brands, ordering inventory, storing the products, shipping the orders. We take care of all the nitty gritty details that go into building a profitable eCommerce business for our clients.
We offer our experience, time, service to grow and scale your business and autopilot your passive income.

Why and How Do We Exist

Our Mission, Vision And Core Values

Our Mission

DK Automation LLC seeks to create and promote superior value Amazon store management and scaling services. We are dedicated to delivering effective, efficient, premium service to all our clients with great integrity and accountability using both innovative and proven methods.

Our Vision

DK Automation LLC is a trusted team where we understand our values and create a better life for people around the world.

 Customer Commitment

We value every customer and build great relationships with them  that can make positive changes in their lives. 


We strive to provide outstanding and unsurpassed  service to each and every client.


We maintain and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standard of integrity in all our work and actions. 


Our team works together to surpass every boundary to deliver premium value to our customers. 


We are accountable to work on our commitments and build a culture
where people are growing.

 Will To Win

We strongly uphold the will to win in building and scaling our client’s Amazon business. 

Our Community Of Like-Minded Individual

About Us

We are a team with high integrity and accountability who works together to provide services that make positive changes in our customer’s lives. 

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or an accomplished one, we are always here to help you accomplish what you have dreamt of. 

We have built a community of like-minded entrepreneurs all around the world and are still working to make dreams of many individuals come true. 

If you want to be the next online entrepreneur we are always ready to welcome you to join us and make a difference in your life.

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